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volume 25

Egyptian Journal of Analytical Chemistry


Volume 25                                                                                          2016



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 Analytical Methods for Determination of Benzethonium Chloride: A Review


Y. M. Issa, S. H. Mohamed and M. Abd-El Baset


Spectrophotometric Determination of Binary Mixtures Containing Vanadium (V), Iron (III), Cobalt (II), and Copper (II),                                                                                                                    (9)

A. L. El-Ansary, W. F. El-Hawary, A. M. Asran


Sustainable Non Conventional Water Resources Using Developed Steel By-Product as a Novel Poly Inorganic Co-agulant. K A                                                                                           (19)

K. A. Falous and F. M. Mohamed


Removal of Arsenic, Lead and Fluoride from Waste Water using Novel Poly Inorganic Coagulants                                                                                                                           (28)   

F. M. Mohamed and M.H. Abdo