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Study the Effect of the Folic Acid on Removal Some Metals Ions from Aqueous Solution and Blood Samples using Atomic Absorption Technique

Fathi .K .Awad

FAST Department, Batterjee Medical College for science and technology (BMC). P.O. Box 6231, Jeddah 21442-Saudi Arabia,

Chemistry Department-Faculty of Science, Suez University-Suez-Egypt

Summary-Seventy-five blood samples were collected from pregnant women's who used folic acid as a drug at Suez Hospital, Egypt. Iron, Copper, and Nickel metal ions were analyzed in blood sample using atomic absorption spectrometer after digestion using (1:3) concentrated perchloric acid and nitric acid. The ranges of metal ions in the blood samples analysis were as the following: Fe 0.10-0.380 mg/L, Cu of 0. 01-0.2 and Ni of 0.01-0.3 mg/L. The bonds and functional groups for folic acid that give rise to the absorption of ultraviolet radiation are appeared at regions from 200-400 nm .The essential infrared spectra data for folic acid indicated that folic acid exhibits a strong absorption band at 1569 cm−1 due to the stretching vibration of ν(C=O) of free ketonic of the carboxylic group. This group is shifted or disappeared in the spectra of its complexes accompanied by the appearance of two bands in the 1613–1603 cm−1 range due to νas (COO−) and one in the 1350–1413 cm−1 range assigned to νs (COO−). Accordingly, the anti-symmetric and symmetric stretching vibration modes (νas (COO−) and νs (COO−) of the COO− group should help in elucidating the structure of metals-folate complexes. The human body cannot break down heavy metals, which can build up to toxic levels in the body and interfere with normal functioning. Folic acid and other chelating drugs lower the blood levels of metals attaching to the heavy metal molecules, which helps the body to remove them through urination. The data obtained for statistical correlation coefficient between metal ions and folic acids in the blood samples indicating that inverse relationship between folic acid intake and metal nutrient.