Prof. Dr. Motaza Mohamed Khater
Prof. of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty of Science-Cairo University
Date of Birth: 22/7/1938
Education: B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons), June 1958 (Cairo Unv.)
M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry,1963 (Cairo Unv.)
Ph.D Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry, 1968 (Cairo Unv.)
Oct. 1958-June 1959 (Five years Planing Organization)
1959-1968 Demonstrator of chemistry
1968- 1973 Lecturer of chemistry
1973-1980 Ass. Prof. of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry
1980- Prof of Analytical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
1979- 1983 Cultural Councellar, Egyptian Embassy Vienna-Austria
1987-1988 Prof. of Inorganic Chem. King Abdoul Aziz Unv. Jeddah, (Saudi Arabia)
1994-1997 Prof. of Analytical and Inorganic Chem. Girls College for Education Jeddah
1970-1971 Vienna University and Vienna Technical University, Austria
1975 Birmingham University
Scientific Activities: Supervised& shared supervision of more than 30 M.Sc.
& 20 Ph.D. thesis
Chair Person of the Egyptian Society of Analytical Chem. from
1986 till now
Observer Member of the Working Party of Analytical Chemistry
(WPAC) of the Federation of European Chemical Societies Since 1980 till now
Member of the Board of the Egyptian Society of Chemistry
Member of the Council of Arab Union of Chemistry since 2000
Vice President of the African Federation of Chemical Societies Feb. 2006
Conferences Chairperson of the International Symposia held in Egypt on the
"Role of Analytical Chemistry for National Development" held
Six times (1984-2003).
Honorary Chairperson of the Seventh International Symposium held in Egypt on “Analytical Chemistry for Better Life” 2006
Delivered several Plenary and Keynote Lectures in Several International Analytical Chemical Conferences held in Europe, Arabic Countries and Egypt.
Radwa Taher,
Dec 1, 2013, 4:51 AM