Prof. N.T. Abdel Ghani

Prof.Dr. N. T. Abdel-Ghani
Chemistry Department
Faculty of Science
Cairo University
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Curriculum Vita Prof. Dr. Nour El Deen Tawfik Abdel – Ghani
Place and date of birth: Cairo – Egypt, 16/9/1949.
Education :
1. B.Sc. (Special degree in Chemistry), Very good with 2nd. Class honors Cairo University, Faculty of Science, May 1971.
2. M.Sc. degree, Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, 1974.
3. Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science Cairo University, 1976.
Academic Career :
1. Demonstrator, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Cairo University, from October 1971 till April 1974 .
2. Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Cairo University, from May 1974 till June 1977 .
3. Lecturer, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Cairo University, from July 1977 till November 1982.
4. Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Cairo University, from November 1982 till April 1989.
5. Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science Cairo University, since 26/4/1989 till now.
Awards :
1. University Distinguish Research Award (Tafouk) for basic sciences (2006).
Scientific Activity :
1. Supervisor of Specialized Councils Sector. Academy of Scientific Research & Technology. Ministry of State for Scientific Research.
2. General Secretary of Egyptian Society of analytical chemistry .
3. General Supervisor of the Integrated Management of Scientific Equipment and Labs. “Central-Lab. of Cairo- University”.
4. Member of the Committee of the five – years Research plane (2006-2010), Basic Sciences Sector, Cairo University
5. General Supervisor of central-Labs and head of instrument committee, Chemistry Department Faculty of science Cairo- University.
6. Member of Standardization and Quality Control Organization, Ministry of Industry-EGYPT since 1999 till now.
7. Member of Editorial Board of Egyptian J. of Analytical Chem.
8. Participation in EUROANALSIS VI, September 7 / 11 / 1987, Paris – France
9. Visiting Scientist at Analytical and General Chem. Institutes-Technical University, Vienna, Austria, from 1st. Jul.-15th.. Nov 1988.
10. Participation in 3rd. Austrian – Hungarian Conference on Recent and Developments in Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy. Linz – Austria October 5 / 7 / 1988.
11. Visiting Professor of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry in Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sana University Yemen Nov. 1990-Feb. 1991.
12. General secretary of The International Symposia on New TRENDS IN CHEMISTRY organized by the Egyptian Society of Analytical Chem. Cairo University which is held every three years since 1984 and up till now.
13. Supervision for several ph.D. And M.Sc. thesis in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry, Cairo University.
14. Prof. Of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry in Saudi Arabian (1979-1983) and (1991 – 1994)
15. 84 Publications in the field of Anal. & Inorg. Chem. In international Journals and Periodicals .
16. Participation in Thirteen Arabic Chemical Conference; “Chemistry and Environment”. Kuwait Chemical Society, 28-29/11/2005. KUWAIT.
Research Interest :
1. Coordination Chemistry of Biological active compounds with transition metal ions (Spectral, Electrical, thermal and magnetic studies.
2. Development of new Spectrometric and potentiometric (ISE) methods for determination of drugs and their pharmaceutical compounds applying FIA technique.
3. Environmental issues including industrial waste water treatment, solid waste (Sludge) management and environmental pollutants monitoring, in addition of issue of using natural adsorbents (Nile Rose, Rice husk, Maize cobs,…) for removing of heavy metals from industrial waste water.
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