Volume 28

Egyptian Journal of Analytical Chemistry


Volume 28                                                                             2019


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Electrooxidation and Determination of Tramadol at Mixed Ion Pair Chemically Modified Carbon Paste Electrode                                    

Sayed S. Badawy, M. A. Sultan, Yomna M. Ahmed                                                                                    1


Tioconazole-Tetraphenylboron(III)Modified Carbon Paste–and  Cu Coated Wire Electrodes for the Determination of Tioconazole

Sayed S. Badawy, Marwa El badry Mohamed, Amira M. Shawky                                                                     12           


Rapid High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Determination of Simeprevir In Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Ahmed A. Youssef, Yousry M Issa & Kareem M. Nabil                                                                                           22


An Alternative Procedure for Selective Leaching of Uranium from Carbonate Rich Black Shale, Um-Bogma Formation, El-Allouga, Southwestern Sinai

Ahmed R. Bakry                                                                                                                                                                       28